• Dây chuyền máy sản xuất Mút xốp PE Foam

    - Mã sản phẩm: Dây chuyền máy sản xuất Mút xốp PE Foam

    Produce a stretch of material of EPE(the pearl and cotton),mix the angry,talc powder,resisting and shrinking pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutial with the butane after melting the tree ester of LDPE,push out of through the pushing out of machine,and foam in the mould head and mould lip part ,then enclose with regular slice of material measurement through finalizing the design,the products are accepted one and fetched roller one to fetch finally.

    Features :

    1、screw: 38 CrMnALA nitride using steel from refined. The transfer of heat treatment processing nitride and chromium plating and surface treatment to screw with high strength, high hardness of the surface characteristics, thereby enhancing the life of the screw. Screw φ105 mm diameter, 4740 mm long (two-part), high aspect ratio L / D = 45, the plastics screw increased capacity and quality. 
    2、Barrel: 38 CrMnALA nitride using steel from refined. After heat treatment (quenched and tempered + nitride), long-term use of anti-wear and tear. Feeding tube with the machine, and die from the flange connecting devices. 
    3、paragraph Feeding: Feed both ends of the tube and with the gear box connected. This part of raw materials into the extruder. Users should maintain the part of the continuous cycle cooling water to prevent the temperature rise. Introduction to the viscosity of raw materials, caking, I plug the feed.
    4、extruder main motors: for the main motor can speed DC motor, model z4 ~ 2000 ~ 31, the 55 kw power. From the air (with fans) cooling. Motor through the main gear box and console screw connections. 
    5、butane and butane imported pumps: butane is the high-pressure pump metering pump, the pump will be liquefied butane to 1015 Mpa (100--150kg/cm2) high-pressure injection tube, butane and melted into the barrel in LDPE Department mixed. Butane into the barrel, a one-way valve, so as to ensure that the LDPE melt pressure in the tube than butane under pressure not reverse the situation back to ensure safety in production. 
    6、reduction of input and anti-anti-shrinkage of pumps: reduction of pump-to 10 ~ 15 Mpa (100 ~ 150mm/cm2) of the pressure will be taken after the reduction of heating tube. Melting of the anti-shrink and shrink-LDPE is part of the feed mix. Feeding sites with a one-way valve, so that the melting of LDPE in the barrel higher than the pressure-reduction agent under pressure not to reverse the situation back to ensure safety in production. 
    7、Die: melting of the raw materials from some of the extrusion. After a lip-raw materials began to foam. EPE Pearl cotton depends on the thickness of the sheet and lip-speed traction.











    Model: RSD-Φ180 PE FOAM SHEET extrusion line technology parameter:


    Model: RSD-Φ180

    (1)Screw Diameter: 180mm

    (2)Screw L/D : 55:1

    (3)production kinds:PE FOAM SHEET

    (4)production sheet thickness:3-20mm

    (5)production sheet width:1000-2800mm

    (6)max production capacity:300-480kgs/hr

    (7)sheet density: 15-50kgs/m3

    (8)foaming efficiency: 20-47

    (9)cooling method: air cooling and wate